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Who we are and how we make it . . .


I (Mary) and a tiny team carefully craft everything you see here in our lovely Lewes studio. Made in the traditional way, firing onto bone china to look good and work even better.

THE PROCESS . . .  in a bit more detail. 

Starting right from the beginning, I sketch out a new design and then paint it onto paper playing with bold colours. Once I am happy each colour is individually screen printed on a special transfer paper which once dried we carefully apply to the mug. For your personalised mug we cut each letter by and hand and go through the fiddly process of applying each one until it's just right and just as you've ordered.

We only use the best quality fine bone china because its the best to drink from and looks great too.

Once decorated the mug (or bowl / eggcup etc) is fired in our kilns overnight to 800 degrees centigrade and slowly cooled the next day. We pack our mugs in our fab eco boxes which you can use to give (or post) the mug safely and stylishly to the final recipient.

There's now a huge range of Mary Fellows designs for just about every member of the family, (not for getting those deserving pets) perfect for Christmas and birthdays, Father's Day, Weddings, & Christenings.

Look out for new designs as we add them and do get in touch with ideas, we are always pleased to hear from you even if we can't promise to get every one into production.

Dishwasher and microwave safe of course.

Proud to be small and keeping it personal.